Tandem Diligence

Founding Partners

Tandem Diligence is founded by two established firms whose combination of expertise provides investors an integration of “best-in-class” technical due diligence services.

MWB Consulting provides high-level pharmaceutical, bio-tech and life sciences development consulting. Services range from strategic development through clinical trial planning, regulatory and drug affairs to licensing and investment. 

Avance specializes in corporate finance for the life science industry. Avance takes valuation a step further and helps its clients reach better deals in licensing, M&A, or investing.

We are dedicated to providing a fast and effective due diligence service that meets the specific need of each client and maximizes financial return while minimizing risk.

The Accurate Assessment

Strategic decisions like licensing, project prioritization, resource allocation, fund raising, or M&A need to be based on a sound analysis of the development plan and the financial prospects of the pipeline.

The industry lacks a combination of technical due diligence with financial figures. A one-sided analysis falls short of satisfying the needs faced in investing, portfolio management, M&A, or licensing.

Tandem Diligence answers that call with close interaction with specialists and thought leaders, thorough knowledge of pipelines, clinical research activity, regulatory status, and general medicine.